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Name- Adolf Schiklgruber Hitler

Date of birth- April 20, 1889

Date of Death- April 30, 1945, Berlin

Why him? Important facts-  We first meet him in World War I where he nearly gets killed but escapes just in time. He lives, and thousands are doomed to die in Wold War 2. He joins the Nationalist Socialist Party, the Nat-so, or Nazi Party. He is evil and charismatic and leads Germany in the second World War. He is the mastermind behind the most evil mass genocide/ ethnic cleansing of history- the killing of Jews. He decides that Jews should be worked to death or starved in concentration camps. Nice guy.

Loves- Killing Jews. the occasional Axis, and ruling the world

Hates- Everyone.

Most Likely to say- Don’t touch my mustache.

Least Likely to say- Let’s be calm and reasonable about this.