Men, you do not have the right to tell girls what to wear, where to go or what to do or say, unless of course you are their biological father (i say “biological”, to escape the creeps who claim ownership by age).

So, they can wear short skirts and roam the nights and go to the darkest corners of town, and if you cannot control your son’s disgusting sexual urges then keep him inside the house after 7.

If they have a problem of staring at girls who dress freely, walk with confidence, or feel like whistling or even pass lewd comments, teach them this simple exercise: whenever they see a girl who is dressed up, tell them to cross the road for their own safety. If they feel inferior or insulted by the girls dress or confidence, teach them to ignore it for their family’s sake. If they develop problems by girl’s awesomeness, take them in for counseling.

Men, train your boys to do housework, as they spend so much time at home anyway (after7) and need to take their heads out of their genitals. It’s convenient, easy and they’ll be trained to run their own house one day.

Men, when boys reach a marriageable age, marry them off to avoid them thinking they are capable of self sustaindnce or empowerment. Women, make your men work at home, because of course, how could you take tine off from your job To take care of kids, and run the household? And anyway, you’ve been working for longer, right?

Men, if you are out after 7 remember the groups of girls who may see you and reduce your self confidence, and remember to carry a pepper spray, because no one knows with crazy girls.

Men, just because there is more opportunity, try not to abort your boy children. Remember, it is illegal (that might help a little) and just because girls will give you more money, opportunity and girls, it is both inhumane (gender equality!) and it is the mothers choice, actually.

Men and boys, you might have to work for a year while women are giving birth. In those months, try to stay away from the more pressing tasks, as men don’t work well in the workforce, and anyway earn less, but most of all avoid office harassment. Whenever your female boss proves her intellectual superiority or whenever your female coworkers step on your toes with pointy heels, keep your head down. If you receive emails from your boss criticizing your latest project, Just shelve it and never mention it.

boys when you get married, remember that you need a lot of wealth to make up for the insecurity you would have definitely built up over the years from women outsmarting you, or sassing off at you, or just hearing horror stories about it happening to other people, and you not being able to handle your uncontrollable sexual urges. So stock up to give to the girls family.

boys, if you aren’t able to control your urges, not only will you probably not be helped, and be mocked by the gangs of girls you meet, you will have to give excruciatingly detailed and extensive reports on the nature of your sexual urges to your parents, the police, lawyers and the government.